The first AMA certified professional team in Azerbaijan!

We have been providing digital services to them since 2012, including Digital Marketing, E-commerce and Website Development. In addition to 9 international certificates, our agency has the first and only AMA (American Marketing Association) certificate in Azerbaijan. Eyruz Agency was founded in 2012 by Eyruz Badalzadeh. Eyruz Badalzadeh is the creator of several algorithms in Digital Marketing and also the creator of ADIS, the World's most powerful Front-end Framework. Our goal is to develop digital solutions in accordance with professional and modern technology trends in our country.


Independently, as one

The only way for the team to grow, is for each person to grow personally. We believe we must continue to hone in on our skills and self.

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Whatever It Takes

We always know the objective and we’re focused on the outcome, not the hours needed to get there.

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Solution Focused

Things happen. We’re focused on finding solutions to those problems and using an analytical approach to solving the situations that come up.

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Our Technology Partners