As EYRUZ Agency, we attach great importance to the privacy conditions between us and our customers. It is our priority to keep our customers ' information safe and not to share it with 2 or more people.The same responsibility lies with our customers , and in the event of a breach of any item in the privacy terms , no tolerance will be shown to our customers who violate the terms, with no distinction between our customers.

1. From now on , words like you , you and them will represent our customers, and words like us or US will represent "EYRUZ Agency".
2. It is the obligation of both parties to comply with the privacy terms.In the event of a violation of any of these articles, we have the right to take as a basis Article 9, paragraph 2 of the terms of Service.
3. We reserve the right to make changes to the privacy terms at any time.
3.cookies < / B>
3.1 image optimization, ad optimization and on our site.we use cookies for S.Cookies are generated by the site in the browser (Opera,Firefox,Safari, Google Chrome and.s) are small pieces of code written to its buffer. These pieces of code do not carry any risk of insecurity and can only be read by the site on which they are written.
3.2 in no case are Cookies shared with a second or more persons.
4. Forms< / b>
4.1 we use "forms"for certain functions on our site. In these forms we receive your certain information (First Name,Last Name,Email,phone numbers and so on.s). Under no circumstances is this information shared with anyone second or longer and we are responsible for protecting their privacy.
4.2 if you are not our customer and simply sent us your information with the forms(for Demo request, for Price Quote and.s) we are responsible for your privacy in your information and your information is not stored with us for more than 1 month.
5. privacy of our customers < / b>
5.1 we are responsible for protecting your privacy during the time you are our customer.
5.2 in no case shall your information be shared with a second or more persons.
5.3 we guarantee that all correspondence, financial documents and others between us will be protected from our side.
5.4 if the obligations under Articles 5.1 , 5.2 and 5.3 are not fulfilled by us, we shall be liable under Article 9 of our Terms of Service.
6. Our Privacy< / b>
6.1 we are dedicated to protecting our privacy and everyone who is our customer is responsible for protecting our privacy due to our company identity.
6.2 you are responsible for protecting the privacy of all written or electronic correspondence, voice or video conversations and such information with the EYRUZ Agency representative.
6.3 our customers and users who are not our customers, who contact us through forms on our site, are responsible for protecting our privacy.
6.5 Article 10 of the terms of service applies if you do not comply with the terms of privacy.
7. administration of social accounts < / b>
7.1 Facebook,Instagram, Twitter and.s we are responsible for the security and privacy of the pages we manage on social networks.
7.2 we are responsible for the privacy of personal messages and video data of the pages we manage.
7.3 we guarantee that your personal data on the pages we manage will not be shared by us with anyone second or longer , and that your passwords and other login details will not be stored or reused.