1. Service description

eyruz.com (hereinafter EYRUZ Creative Agency), Rəqəmsal Marketinq , E-commerce , Programming , UX/UI Design , Video Welding and E-commerce consultancy xidmətlər shows. "eri" It will be named as tərəfindən the relevant contract or specific request in the saziş framework.

2. Ordering and Payment

2.1. In order to receive the services offered by the Agency, the Customer must apply through the Agency's relevant means such as its website, e-mail or telephone.

2.2. Payment and payment terms of Xidmətlər are determined on the basis of a reciprocal agreement or saziş. Payment dates, amounts and methods should be clearly displayed in this article.

2.3. Payments must be made on the date of the contract and in accordance with the methods shown. It may result in payment delays, related delays and interest, or may result in the suspension of the services or services ordered.

3. Xidmət(lərin) bond issuance time and due date

3.1. The Agency determines a specific date or period for the provision of services and is responsible for providing the service or services ordered within this period.

3.2. In case of any delay or change in the bond issuance date, the Agency immediately sends a notification to the Client and a new bond plan can be prepared.

3.3. The Xidmətlər's process can demand proper cooperation and cooperation with the Client. Əlaqəli tapsırıqs and vəzifələr should be clearly observed between the parties.

4. Müqaviləyeye xitam

4.1. None of the parties can finish the contract until it is agreed upon until they have signed the contract.

4.2. After the expiry of the due date, any party may decide not to extend the contract.

4.3. Completing the argument is obliged to give them all relevant data and materials.

5. Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure of Information

5.1. The Agency ensures to keep Customer information confidential and does not share Customer information with third parties. The danger of information is observed in accordance with national and international law.

6. Limitations of Responsibility

6.1. We take high safety precautions on sites. In some cases, there may be technical problems with Hostinq and Domain provider.

6.2. The Agency does not accept any liability related to the maintenance and renewal of the Customer's website or other digital assets.

7. Termination of the contract

7.1. When the agent or the client expires, the contract will be deemed automatic.

8. Applied Laws and Laws

8.1. These terms and conditions of use are bound to the law of Azerbaijan

9. Changes and Renewals

9.1. The agency has the right to renew and change the terms of use. Changes are notified on the Agency website or in writing to the Customer.


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