1. From now on , you , you, they and similar words will represent customers, and we, our and similar words will represent "EYRUZ Agency".
2.We reserve the right to make changes to the terms of service at any time.
3. When you order any of our services, you are deemed to have accepted these terms.
common items< / b> 4.1 the main language of our Terms of Service is Azerbaijani. Our Terms of service can be translated into other languages , but in case of any misunderstanding, the Azerbaijani version of our Terms of service will be taken as a basis.
4.2 We do not provide services for projects that oppose the state interests of the Republic of Azerbaijan and of this type.
4.3 we do not provide services for Pornographic and such projects.
4.4 we treat all projects the same. We do not base differences in religious , racial and political thinking.

5.websites< / b>
5.1 we develop websites that are fully secure , using the latest technologies.
5.5 we are responsible for all technical problems that may arise on the websites we have developed. We have an obligation to eliminate any problems that may arise or arise on the sites we have prepared for you before the end of the service period between us.
5.6 our agency is not responsible for articles , videos or other materials to be shared on the sites we have developed , blogs or similar pages. The legal liability of these materials is yours.
5.7 you may not tarnsfer your site registered with us to any other agency prior to the expiration of the contract between us.
5.8 before the expiration of the contract between us, you can remove the site you ordered from the broadcast by contacting us.
5.9 if you want to end the contract between us early and you have a registered site(s)with us , you can unilaterally end the contract between us after contacting us and justifying the reason. At this time, you will have to pay compensation in the amount of 20% of the initial amount that you paid for the service.
5.10. the registration of domain names with AZ endings requires official registration in accordance with the laws of Azerbaijan. When registering these domain names, registration becomes official on your behalf.
5.11 we have the right to unilaterally end the active contract between you and US. In this case, we must inform you at the latest 1 month in advance. At this time , if there is a website that belongs to you, we transfer it to another agency according to your request, and you cannot be charged extra at this time.

6. Digital Marketing< / b>
6.1 as EYRUZ Agency , we provide digital marketing services for companies or individuals using modern algorithms and technologies.
6.2 we provide modern digital marketing services such as Google Ads, Social Media Ads, Yandex ads , Youtube ads.
6.3 outside of private statuses, we use our personal accounts when publishing Google Ads.
6.4 we may receive login details of accounts belonging to you during the campaign. However, this information cannot be changed or used for marketing purposes without your permission.
6.5 We do not develop advertising campaigns for pornographic or such products.
6.6 in the event of a dissimilarity between the promised words in advertising campaigns or the service provided and the service to be received by your customers , you are the responsible party.
6.7 if advertising materials have been provided to us by you, you shall bear responsibility for the materials contained in advertising products.

7. digital Streaming< / B>
7.1 as EYRUZ Agency, we create secure and up-to-date digital broadcasting platforms.
7.2 the responsibility of the video , audio and other materials to be broadcast on the video broadcasting platforms we have prepared lies with the responsibility of the party responsible for it.

8.Online Stores< / b>
8.1 written from scratch and using ready-made frameworks, we create online stores.
8.2 we are not the responsible party in case of problems with the products to be sold on the e-commerce sites we have prepared and their quality. You are the party responsible for this.
8.3 we are in no way responsible for the products that will be sold in the online stores we have prepared. In this case, you are the responsible party.

9. SMM Service< / b>
9.1 we provide SMM service under the following conditions.
9.2 SMM service: by us it means the service of managing your social accounts. We handle other pages except pornographic , adult-oriented pages.
9.3 we are not responsible for posts,images and video materials shared before us on accounts not created by us. We are responsible for all shares after the account is handed over and until the moment of delivery.
9.4 we are responsible for the security of your social accounts. All your accounts will be protected against cyber attacks and we take this commitment upon ourselves.
9.5 no post that has not been agreed with you can be shared on your accounts.
9.6 from the moment your accounts pass to our management , your login details are changed.

10. Naming & Branding< / b>
10.1 we provide the service of creating new brand names , creating a new brand identity, or redesigning an existing brand identity.
10.2 these names and components included in the brand identity (logo , tagline, fonts and.s) we are responsible for keeping you private and protecting your copyright.