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Digital Marketing

As an internationally certified agency, we offer numerical marketing services that will increase your sales and expand your brand. Google Search Ads and SMM Service are the most well-known of these.

Website Development

We use ADIS Framework when creating sites. It is one of the most powerful frameworks in the world and is under our signature. We have the ability to create powerful sites that are compatible with all devices.

SMM Service

Managing your brand and keeping it active on Social Media means growth and more profit for you. Since this job is tiring and requires experience, we do it on behalf of our customers. Increase your sales with Peşekar SMM Service.

Mobile Apps

Modern and AI supported mobile applications are here. Be available to your customers from all devices. Mobile Applications compatible with iOS and Android are here!

Data Analytics

If your brand still does not produce the desired results, it means something is wrong. We analyze your brand with our Beynəlxalq-certified commander, find conflicting and non-conflicting sides, and grow your brand in the shortest possible time. In short, contact us to know what you haven't seen.

Video Making

Whether it's video frames or promotional videos. We will prepare a video content for you in 2D, 3D and spiritual video formats as soon as possible with our skilled team. Check out our Youtube channel to get acquainted with the work we do.


For a successful sale, it is imperative that you have the right and specific brand identity. We have undertaken many branding projects. With our industry-leading experience, we offer you Brandinq and ReBranding services.

E-commerce Websites

We know very well the power of the internet in business. Internet or online stores are developing rapidly these days. We create powerful and completely risk-free Online Stores that are designed for you.

Technical Support to Web Sites

Showing the technical support on the pages. Pre-determining the problems that will arise and preventing them from getting lost thanks to the monitor! Writing additional functions to the sites or renewing existing codes.

3D Modelling & Animation

We have established a professional command in the field of 3D Modeling and Animation. And we would like to meet your needs with our experience. Whether you need presentations or 3D Modeling and Animation films for any purpose, we are here!

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Satisfied Customers When you do it right, you get satisfied customers. We look at every job as a new excitement and experience.

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Unlike many of our competitors in the sector, this is a team built on years of experience and talent.

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Unlike many of our competitors, we don't have astronomical prices. Reasonable prices for each brand!

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